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Hi lovelies, a couple of days ago I told you about my last trip in collaboration with Visitbrabant and this time I’ve visited my own country again. I’ve visited Nuenen, a pretty small village in Brabant for another exciting trip.


Especially the ones that are curious about Vincent Van Gogh can’t ignore this beautiful town. Vincent was born and worked most of his life in Brabant. His tracks can be found everywhere by following his paintings. As many as, 23 building and landscapes were painted in this place by the world-famous painter. During our stay, the guides gave us the best tour ever, following painting to painting. What made this extra special, is that the next day we were going to see a couple of the paintings real-life in the Museum!


Together with the guides, we literally followed the footsteps and heard all the stories, read his letters and visited the Vincentre. We also visited Nune Ville, which you can see on this picture above and it was really impressive. After that, we had dinner at de Watermolen van Opwetten where we got delicious food, with beautiful views and my absolute favorite was my dessert which was my all-time favorite; cheesecake.

After this dinner, we still had another surprise waiting for us because we went and visited the ‘Van Goghs De Sterrennacht’. This unique cycle path has thousands of sparkling stones on it and is absolutely stunning. Our visit was amazing and I advise everyone to come experience where Van Gogh was inspired by the beautiful landscape of Brabant. While your there, make sure to enjoy the amazing food and welcoming people.


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  1. July 9, 2018 / 11:47 am

    Ik vind dat je zo’n leuke gele blouse aan hebt en leuke laarzen! Mooie foto!

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