The turquoise water and white beaches lure many tourists to Anguilla. This little island is breathtaking, it’s exactly how you imagine it in your dreams. No hustle, no major strips with bars, no duty-free stores just peace and quiet. Anguilla is known as a destination for the jet set but the truth is, Anguilla can be affordable. Maybe even more affordable than the other Caribbean islands. Anguilla has more than 30 beaches and the most popular is Shoal Bay. Shoal Bay is even rated one of the 10 best beaches to visit in the world! And you can see why from the pictures, white powdery sand and crystal clear waters.

For Dutchbloggeronthemove we collaborated with St. Maarten activities. They offer departures to all destinations for day trips, equipment for watersports, diving and even private sail trips. With a catamaran and their fun crew we sailed to Anguilla island. We sailed to Cove Bay and with a taxi we were brought to the other side of the island up to Shoal Bay. We had delicious lunch there, laid down on the beach loungers and snorkeled the small reef. The weather was pretty bad actually but due to the amazing crew, our day was amazing. If you’re looking to go to St. Maarten and want to do some fun activities this is definitely the place to go.

What do you think of this dream destination?

What is yours?

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March 24, 2017