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Animal Day, gosh it’s so long ago that we could take our favorite stuffed animal to school, we could milk the cows and feed the horses at the nearest farm. Actually it’s a fun day when you’re younger and later when you grow up (if we ever do). We will see this day as a day to raise awareness. And of course, to spoil your animal if your one of the lucky ones to have a pet.  What kind of animal do you have and did you spoil him or her a little extra today? I certainly did!

You all met my travel Buddy and if you haven’t already here you can read all about my beautiful labrador Buddy here: ‘Meet my travel Buddy‘. As I already gave away in my blog title, this Animal Day has a special touch. It’s Buddy his first Animal Day and three days ago we didn’t know if he was going to make it. I’m writing this with the tears in my eyes. It doesn’t look good according to the vet and the next days will be deciding. Since it was his first Animal Day and I love him so much I got a big surprise for him. I doubted a lot to write this post but I think it is to nice not to share.

Dog bed from

It was time for a good place to sleep for him and I found the perfect one here at I needed a new one because he’s growing so fast and because in the summer it was way to warm for him to sleep on one. I went looking for ones that didn’t only looked good but were also good for my dog’s bones and muscles. This bed is hygienic and easy to maintain (big +++++), anti rheumatic and adapts to the body temperature of your dog so when your dog is crazy about jumping in the ocean like Buddy this will get him all dried up quickly. The one I picked out you can find here. Buddy is crazy about the bed as you can see and he doesn’t want to leave. Unlike other pillows I had before this one is big enough, adapts to his body and to be honest I would almost go and lie next to him! Doesn’t he look like a king?

Animal Day - Dutchbloggeronthemove Animal Day - DutchbloggeronthemoveAnimal Day - Dutchbloggeronthemove

I hope you all had a lovely Animal Day and enjoyed my post. Please let me know below what you thought and what you gave to your pets!


Meet my travel ‘Buddy’

Meet my travel ‘Buddy’

Hello lovely followers, As many of you already know that follow me on Instagram or on Facebook, I got a cute little labrador. Who is less little by the day.. Buddy is a blond labrador pup who is very energetic…

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May 2, 2016