on the move with Breakzy
| On the move with Breakzy | 

As you guys probably already know, going on a roadtrip is one of my favorite things to do. If your planning a roadtrip as well, you should defenitely consider Breakzy. Go on the move with Breakzy and start your adventure as soon as you hop in the car. Thanks to this new great app and website your new adventure will be the best!

Together with @anandavandoorn & @grabyourbagsnl, I travelled to Sardinia. Sardinia is the second-largest island in Italy and situated in the middle of the Mediterranean. Sardinia is known for their emerald sea, white sandy beaches and characteristic coves. And last, but certainly not least; the Italian food. The food alone is ofcourse a reason for me to hop in a plane but Sardinia didn’t let me down on any of those fronts. Our plane left from Amsterdam and when we arrived at Olbia our car was waiting for us to start the roadtrip.

Babai Village Resort

From Olbia we first decided to drive to Babai Village Resort which was our stay for this trip. Babai Village Resort is located in the Marina Di Tertenia on the South of the island which is known for the calm feeling and relaxation away from mass tourism. We stayed in a great apartment together and it was at the perfect location to start our roadtrip to Cagliari. Cagliari is the capital of Sardinia and was highlighted in the Breakzy-app as a must visit! Cagliari offers an attractive mix of culture, nature, beaches, nightlife and the best ice-cream.  We loved our stay so much we stayed until the sunset.

On the move with Breakzy
On the move with Breakzy
At Babai Village Resort

Good to know is that the app is free and super inspiring. Choose your starting point and your destination in their travel planner and use their filters to make your road trip the best ever. Their planner will automatically tell you how long your trip will take and how many kilometers you have to drive. Filters are; amusement, relaxation, culture, hotels, resting stops and the special Breakzy tips. My favorite filter is the ‘pet friendly’ because traveling with my dog can be challenging sometimes so I can’t wait to test this one out for myself and maybe show it to you as well!  

Want to go on the move with Breakzy yourself? Click here to visit the website. For more travel inspiration, read more here

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